Flat Earth globe for sale

Attention! All models presented on the site you can only buy with cryptocurrency at a big discount. To do this, go to "contact us" or flatearthgifts@gmail.com

flat earth globe

Small Flat Earth globes

Compact Flat Earth models. You can take it with you and show how the world works. The Flat Earth globe is made of natural 150 year old oak. Sanded and hand painted with natural oils and water-based paint. Only natural materials.

flat earth globe for sale

Best seller

Dear friend. Especially for you, I created a new Flat Earth model from Epoxy resin.

The Flat Earth map has amazing detail and was hand-drawn by me. Epoxy resin products are absolutely safe. Water-based paint is used.

Spectacular Flat Earth models will be a wonderful decoration for your home and can be a great choice for a gift.